Clips (2015-2012)

Austin Monitor

Special Events Ordinance Re-emerges (Oct 23, 2015)

Austin American-Statesman

Austin Teen Scout Project Gives More Feral Cats a Second Chance (July 23, 2014)

Advocates Rally for East Austin Elementary Music Program (May 26, 2014)

Texas Health and Human Services Commission, Communications Department

Three Generations at HHSC (April 2014)

DFPS Childcare Licensing Staff Help Keep Kids Safe, Give Parents Peace of Mind  March 2014)

Tuna’s ‘Aunt Pearl’ Promotes Wellness for DADS (January 2014)

CPS Workers Help Turn Strangers into Families (November 2013)

Texas Heritage Magazine (Texas Historical Foundation)

Cattle Drives, Cowboys and Cuero (November 2013)

Austin American-Statesman

UT Nanotech Experts Develop New Windows on Human Health (November 24, 2012)

Dallas Morning News

Texas Legislative Panel To Consider Ways to Help Young Victims of Sex Trafficking (September 24, 2012)

Reporting Texas (University of Texas at Austin)

Inhalable Drug Could Bring Relief to Cystic Fibrosis Patients | Reporting Texas (February 8, 2013)

Austin Police Adopt Stricter Rules for Searches, But Enforcement Is Key | Reporting Texas (December 17, 2012)

‘No Soda’ Campaign Aims to Reduce Obesity in Austin | Reporting Texas (December 6, 2012)

Christmas Wish (and Twist) for Christmas Tree Farmers: Dry Weather | Reporting Texas (November 30, 2012)

Serious Child Abuse Injuries Rising in Texas and Elsewhere, Experts Say | Reporting Texas (November 14, 2012)

Asthma and Springtime Don’t Mix For Texas Children (April 6, 2012)

KUT/Texas Tribune

Group Targeting Child Mortality Rates Hits Roadblocks (August 9, 2012)

SELF-PUBLISHED ON TUMBLR (written spring 2012 and available upon request):

  • New Texas vaccine Law Casts Too Wide A Net
  • Abused Kids Look To CASA
  • High Levels of Texas Child Deaths Persist
  • Promotoras Could Be Keys To Healthcare Reform
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