• Summary of issues, facts, event recap
    • Typically 250-1,000 words
  • Profile
    • One or more interviews
    • Typically 500-1,000 words
  • Basic issue-driven story
    • Three or more interviews
    • Basic background research
    • Typically 750-1,500 words
  • In-depth coverage of an issue or event
    • Could cover specific legislation, press conferences, testimony, hearings, meetings, public speeches, etc.
    • Word count is negotiable but typically at least 1,000 words
    • Scope could include one or a series of stories
  • Photographs
    • Original images of story subjects, including persons, places,events
  • Other available services
    • Report writing
    • Drafting of testimony
    • Editing
    • News reporting
    • Communications services


  • Fees are  based on word count, complexity, and amount of research required.
  • In-person interviews, phone interviews, inclusion/coverage of recorded audio-visual material and required attendance to specific events will factor into the cost of the story or other written product.
  • An initial consultation to discuss the scope of the story or project and the editing process is recommended.
  • Unless otherwise negotiated, clients should expect to supply in-house copy editing and final proof reading, as well as design support for the platforms and formats they will use.
  • Travel outside of Austin will be reimbursed separately from professional fees.
  • Depending on the complexity and duration of a project, a contract may be required.


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